small barn home kits

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean downgrading. Small home kits are a rising trend in tandem with the shift toward tiny homes and sustainable living. DC Structures has a number of small barn home and cabin kit options that can help you make good use of your space and lessen your environmental footprint.

The decision to move toward smaller living is fueled by different motivations, but chief among them are sustainability, efficiency and decreased financial burden. Many people who choose to live smaller report feeling less burdened by time and resource constraints as a result of less square footage to tend to.

Exactly what constitutes small living will be different for everyone depending on how many people will be living there and what your family’s lifestyle needs entail. Whatever your goals or reasons for downsizing, DC Structures offers a range of small homes that measure under 1,000 sq. ft. Here’s a rundown of our compact home kits from smallest to largest.

McKenzie Cabin Kit

Perfect for couples or individuals, the McKenzie cabin is a compact living space with an efficient and well-designed punch. Coming in at 651 sq. ft., the McKenzie makes it easy to spend your time and money on something other than homeowner responsibilities.

Deschutes Cabin Kit

This space-saving, one-bedroom cabin includes all the comforts of home in one compact and efficient package. Boasting 776 sq. ft. of living space, the Deschutes cabin makes for easy maintenance that is also easy on the eyes.

Oakridge 24’ Barn Home Kit

An efficient and flexible design, the Oakridge 24’ barn home kit has been utilized for a number of purposes ranging from horse barn and man cave to compact home. With 864 sq. ft. of space to inhabit, the Oakridge 24’ includes a loft and second-story deck to add to its rustic charm.

Rogue Cabin Kit

Ideal for small families or couples, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom cabin kit is compact elegance for a space-conscious lifestyle. Featuring 948 sq. ft. of living space with everything you’d expect in a home, the Rogue cabin has a small footprint with a sizable impression.

If you’re thinking about downsizing without downgrading, DC Structures can help. Request our digital catalog and get started on your small-living dreams today.