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Post & Beam Construction

Post and beam construction is a building method that relies on heavy timbers rather than dimensional lumber. With roots in early Asian architecture, the use of post and beam construction methods have long since spread across the globe. Several post and beam structures constructed during medieval times are still standing—a testament to their well crafted durability. In the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, post and beam buildings are often the only structures that remain erect.

In addition to the benefit of their sturdy craftsmanship, post and beam structures can be erected relatively fast due to their lack of load-bearing walls. With fewer constraints on structural requirements, post and beam construction lends itself to highly customizable floor plans—meaning windows, doors, and horse stalls can be added almost anywhere the owner sees fit.

Post and beam is similar to timber framing in that both construction styles honor the rustic appearance of exposed timber, making it a central element of the building’s visual profile. The use of large timbers in post and beam construction means fewer support beams are needed, thus creating dramatically open interior spaces. Exposed beams and wooden interiors lend a sense of warmth and comfort to the building.

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