Whether you dream of a rustic barn home, a modern farmhouse, or a stately timber frame abode for your property, DC Structures is here to make your vision a reality! With our extensive line of prefabricated home kits, you can build off one of several attractive building models to create a beautiful family residence customized to your layout, style, and location needs. Our prefab home designs, crafted with high-quality wood materials, provide optimal durability, beauty, and versatility for your living spaces. Additionally, with our wide array of options and upgrades, you can personalize your preferred kit with dozens of choice selections, ensuring your structure reflects your impeccable taste in every aspect.

What is a Prefab Home Kit?

A prefab home kit is a pre-engineered design and materials package that comes with everything you need to assemble your structural frame quickly and efficiently. Using CNC precision machinery, our team will transform your design plans into an expertly crafted building package that comes with pre-cut, pre-drilled framing lumber, bundled wall sections, roof trusses, hardware, and much more. By prefabricating your framing components before delivery, our team can facilitate an incredibly streamlined construction process that takes 30% to 50% fewer framing hours than conventional builds. On top of that, clients can look forward to considerable savings on equipment rental fees, fewer days with crews on-site or easier assembly for DIYers, and better, cleaner job site conditions as a whole.


Benefits of Building a Prefab Home Kit

It’s no mystery why prefabrication is one of the fastest-growing trends in the design and construction industry. With sustainability becoming a necessity in new home construction, prefabrication presents an eco-friendly building alternative that offers long-lasting structural and cost benefits for customers and builders. For instance, by having your structural elements prepared off-site, you and your contractor can look forward to a faster and easier framing process that minimizes error, waste, pollutants, and noise on your lot. Not to mention, prefabrication ensures total accuracy, durability, and care for your home, giving you peace of mind for the future without the expensive price tag.

To learn more about the benefits of prefabrication, view our prefabrication system page here.

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Why DC Structures?

DC Structures is a leading designer and producer of pre-engineered, wood-framed homes, cabins, and commercial structures. With a reputation for excellence and a passion for innovation, we deliver the best and most complete prefab kit homes in our industry, backed by the most comprehensive customer and builder support available. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our team sources high-grade, mill-direct lumber from our world-renowned region, ensuring pristine results with every completed build. Whether you’re seeking a simple barn home design or a custom residence attuned to your needs, DC Structures can help you craft an exceptional family home that perfectly aligns with your budget, style, and regional weather conditions.


Our prefab home collection spans over a dozen pre-engineered building models, ranging from contemporary farmhouse homes to traditional timber frame and post and beam dwellings. With the help of our in-house designers, you can customize your preferred kit to include any structural or decorative addition you see fit, including covered patios, dormers, and decks. Using cutting-edge 3D design software, our designers will walk you through your 3D model and help you make adjustments to your blueprints as you go. Our engineering partner – licensed in all 50 states – will also review your plans to verify compliance with state and regional codes before stamping and sending them back to you.


Our company partners with only the best and most trusted material brands for all our prefab home designs. From plumbing fixtures from KOHLER and TOTO to window upgrades from Andersen and Pella, we offer a wide selection of high-end material options from some of the biggest names in windows, doors, hardware, and more. Our base material packages come with high-quality standard materials and tools, like select grade Douglas fir posts, cedar board and batten siding, and Andersen 100 windows. For clients interested in personalizing their place, we also provide hundreds of options and upgrades for your chosen package and endless customization opportunities for your one-of-a-kind design.


Client Testimonials

If you’re wondering how clients feel about working with DC Structures, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Watch our client testimonials below or on YouTube to hear what our customers have had to say about their experience with us, and their reasons for recommending DC Structures above any other kit company.

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Our Prefab Home Expertise


Prospective investors often ask us about the energy efficiency of our prefab homes. Unlike modular homes or ready-made kits, which prefab homes are often confused for, our wood-framed designs offer superior quality and exceptional energy efficiency for homeowners. Our prefabricated homes are not only designed with energy-efficient features but are also inherently eco-friendly and well-insulated due to the renewable nature of wood. This naturally occurring material promotes optimal airflow, maintaining warmth in the wintertime and cool indoor temperatures in the summer.

Furthermore, our prefabrication process involves pre-cutting, labeling, and drilling framing materials, ensuring you can enjoy a streamlined installation process that facilitates the later integration of additional elements like fiberglass insulation and HVAC systems. With affordability, quality, and customizable finishes at the forefront of our business model, we can deliver the ideal prefab home anywhere in the USA and Canada.


Building a new home is a significant investment for first-time buyers and experienced homeowners alike, and understanding the nuances of doing so is crucial to ensure a seamless experience. For instance, one of the more critical areas of focus for a new home buyer is to confirm whether you have a suitable property for your desired project, and the necessary construction permits to do so from your local city office.

Without these, projects may be delayed as you secure these prerequisites, further extending your kit process before things can officially kick off. To avoid these pitfalls, we recommend partnering with a trusted real estate agent in your area, who can evaluate properties and negotiate closing costs on your behalf. Additionally, securing financing is a vital step before purchasing a prefab home kit. Many banks offer loans for such investments, but it’s wise to compare offers from several lenders before committing to your new home purchase.
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Prefabricated vs. Modular Homes: Which is Better?

Prefabricated homes and modular homes are commonly mistaken for one another, but not because these structures necessarily look or function alike. In actuality, these home types couldn’t be more different from each other, considering modular homes are shipped in sections to form a whole structure, while prefab homes offer a robust framework that paves a streamlined path for builders and clients. With a prefabricated home, clients can look forward to a host of customization options for their purchase, including structural and material adjustments, a simplified and accurate framing process, and total quality, durability, and value for their long-term investment. Modular homes, on the other hand, offer a cheap yet often underwhelming prebuilt solution that features a far less durable foundation, fewer customization opportunities, and long-term costly repairs for clients, making them generally suitable for people seeking something short-term and standard for their property.

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