Since their official introduction to the public in the 1950s, A-frame cabins have enjoyed a steadfast reputation as premier mountain getaways and vacation rentals; and once you’ve stayed in one, it’s easy to see why. Characterized by their distinct triangular shape, dramatic pitched roofs, and attention to minimalism, these attractive cabin designs offer equal amounts of style and functionality, making them perfect for anything from Airbnb rentals to cozy private offices, workshops, and more. At DC Structures, we offer two beautiful A-frame cabin models — the Mazama and Wallowa — for our clients to choose from and personalize for their properties. If you’re interested in building a cabin like our Mazama and Wallowa, keep reading below to learn more about what you can achieve with your customized A-frame cabin design!

What is a Pre-Engineered A-Frame Cabin Kit?

Our A-frame cabin kits are pre-engineered design and material packages that will expedite your framing process and create a solid structural foundation for your project. These prefabricated building kits come standard with everything you and your crew need to assemble your structural frame, including highly detailed blueprints, premium framing materials, window and door packages, hardware, and more. Once we’ve modeled your structure in our state-of-the-art 3D design software, our team will translate your project into precisely pre-cut, drilled, and individually labeled pieces of framing lumber used to create your exterior walls, roof, and floor components. By prefabricating your wood framing materials ahead of time, we can facilitate a highly efficient, fast, and accurate installation process guaranteed to save you considerable time and money throughout construction.


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Why DC Structures?

No one knows the value of a heavy timber structure quite like DC Structures. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our team treasures the ability to create one-of-a-kind wood buildings using rare materials grown right in our backyard, including select-grade Douglas fir, Western red cedar, and coastal redwood; and our A-frame cabins are no exception. With an A-frame cabin design from DC Structures, you can trust that your structure will reflect the extraordinary beauty of the Pacific Northwest while boasting the strength and longevity that makes a custom building a worthwhile investment. Not only that, but with our team guiding your design and material procurement from start to finish, you can ensure your experience and structure from DC will be nothing short of exceptional in every sense of the word.


With the help of our talented in-house design team, you can easily modify and personalize your preferred A-frame cabin kit to suit your needs, budget, and style. Using our state-of-the-art 3D design software, our designers will create a dynamic 3D model of your building that allows you to visualize how every area of your space will look once it’s finished and remove, add, or change any elements as you go. While we consider our Mazama and Wallowa models to be great starting points for clients, we also offer the ability to create a fully custom A-frame cabin based on your unique design ideas and feedback. No matter the complexities of your design, our team provides the expertise, flexibility, and resources to bring your dream cabin to life; and the tools to ensure you’re more than satisfied with the result.


At DC Structures, we partner with the region’s top mill-direct suppliers to provide our customers with only the finest heavy timbers for their projects. From Western red cedar to Douglas fir, we source some of the world’s most valuable timber exports for use in our buildings and utilize industry-leading practices to ensure each piece is prepared to perfection. All of our framing lumber comes free of heart center, otherwise known as the soft pith in the middle of the tree, to bolster the structural integrity of your frame. Our lumber is also pre-surfaced on all four sides (S4S) and subject to the highest standards for kiln drying to achieve its desired moisture content and strength.


Our team offers a wide selection of premium options and upgrades for clients to choose from for their A-frame cabin designs. From industry giants like Andersen and Pella to James Hardie, we work with some of the nation’s top-rated material suppliers to provide our clients with dozens of high-end material options for their builds. Whether you’re seeking a traditional cabin look or something more modern, our team can help you select the right windows, doors, siding, and more to match your style, location, and preferences. Additionally, if you have something in mind that our team doesn’t already list as part of our options and upgrades, we can always help you source those materials for your cabin. At DC, we want to make sure you love your cabin design through and through, and our options and upgrades are just one of many ways we can facilitate that.

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