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Insights from the team that builds dreams for a living.

wedding barn

Custom Wedding Barn Kit Design

by Bret Loftis • November 8, 2017

Wedding barns have become popular investments for event planners and property owners alike. That’s because rustic barn weddings have timeless appeal, and have been trending upward as a great alternative to traditional church ceremonies in recent years. DC Structures has lots of experience designing wedding and event barn kits for clients all over the country. […]

timber frame pavilion kit

Level Up With A Timber Frame Pavilion Kit

by Brian Hurst • November 1, 2017

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that time spent in a beautiful outdoor setting is never time wasted. The average adult’s morning consists of the kind of chaos that seems to be an unavoidable precursor to the daily dance of shuffling kids to school and racing to work so they can […]

barn kits

What’s the Deal With Barn Kits?

by Dustin Gruetter • October 25, 2017

The word ‘barn’ comes with a lot of connotation, and so does the word ‘kit.’ When taken together these two words can make for a negative view of barn kits, and a fundamental misunderstanding of the value they can provide. Further, there’s a tendency to pigeon hole barn kits into a specific category, which makes […]

Rustic Inspiration: Barn Home Ideas

by Brian Hurst • October 18, 2017

The barn home is a classic house design with a timeless aesthetic. With their throwback features and exposed wood finishes, barn homes can be otherwise thought of as houses designed in the style of barns or barns converted into living spaces. While barns may call to mind farm-related images such as livestock and dirty boots, […]