Introduction to the Hoosier State

Indiana, located in the Midwestern United States, is renowned for its scenic landscapes, rich cultural history, and affordable cost of living. From the rolling hills of Southern Indiana to the vast plains of the north, this state offers a diverse and picturesque setting that attracts new residents each year. Its blend of urban and rural areas provides an ideal backdrop for building a unique and personalized barndominium.

For people interested in constructing a barndominium or barndo in Indiana, the state presents numerous opportunities to create a dream home in a welcoming and varied environment. Whether you envision a sleek, modern barndominium or a traditional farmhouse-style residence, our team is ready to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Its combined affordability and natural beauty make it a perfect location for custom barndominium buildings.

Are Barndominiums Well-Suited to Indiana's Climate?

Indiana experiences a humid continental climate characterized by hot summers, cold winters, and moderate to heavy precipitation throughout the year. Its diverse weather patterns require barndominiums built with durable materials that can withstand heat and cold and potentially severe weather events like thunderstorms and snowstorms.

At DC, we design our barndominiums using high-quality kiln-dried lumber sourced from the Pacific Northwest. This premium wood ensures our structures are as beautiful as they are resilient. The strength and durability of our materials provide peace of mind for homeowners, knowing their barndominium can endure the seasonal variations and occasional extreme weather that Indiana experiences.

In addition to weather resilience, it’s imperative to consider energy efficiency when building barndos in Indiana. We design our barndominiums to maximize insulation and energy savings, keeping homes warm during the harsh winters and cool in the summer months. With our advanced building techniques and materials, we can ensure your Indiana barndominium remains comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

Available Barndominium Plans

How We Construct Our Barndominiums

DC Structures designs and produces high-performance, wood-framed structures for clients across the United States and Canada. We craft our barndominiums with premium wood posts and trusses, resulting in wide-open interiors with customizable floor plans that you can tailor to your needs and style. Our Meridian Barndominium Kit is considered a clear-span structure, with vaulted wood trusses creating an unobstructed interior and a rock-solid foundation for your structure. With a single wall separating the living space and garage, you can mold your Meridian barndominium from scratch to achieve your dream layout, size, and design.

If you’re seeking something that captures more of our signature heavy timber style, we offer a line of multi-use barn designs that you can modify and personalize to your taste. Most of our pre-engineered building models are post and beam structures, meaning these stock plans utilize high-grade heavy timbers joined by metal fasteners and connectors to form their structural frame. Additionally, we offer the option of choosing from several other construction methods, including timber framing, hybrid wood construction, and conventional framing, for your building shell.

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What Comes with a Barndominium Kit?

Our prefabricated barndominium kits come standard with engineered design plans, wood framing materials, windows and doors, siding, and hardware. With the help of our talented design team, you can customize one of our available house plans to encompass your vision for a one-of-a-kind barndominium. Using state-of-the-art 3D design software, our team will take you through an interactive 3D model of your design while collaborating with you to add personalized touches like porches, a spacious deck addition, and other structural details to your interior and exterior. Whether you desire a downstairs workshop, a custom loft area, or a rustic interior fit for your family, our simplified kit process makes it simple to create your dream home with the DC team.


Why Choose DC Structures?

Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, DC Structures is a leading designer and producer of pre-engineered wood structures. With extensive experience building barndominiums in various environments, our team is well-equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities of Indiana’s climate and terrain. Our commitment to using high-quality materials and innovative design ensures that each barndominium is beautiful and durable, tailored to a range of needs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and exceptional craftsmanship, DC Structures provides a building experience that exceeds expectations at every step.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Barndominium Kit

Planning a barndominium in Indiana is an exciting stage of the building process, but it comes with several important considerations and questions. Homeowners should evaluate the type of building construction best suited for their climate, anticipate future repair needs, and understand the total cost to complete the structure. Some primary factors to consider before buying or building a barndominium kit are durability, quality, and customization options, which are crucial when scanning the internet for available building options.


While cost is a significant consideration for most people, buyers should also consider the building methods and materials used in your barndominium. Unlike many barndominiums constructed with metal or pressure-treated posts embedded directly in the ground, we design our kits with premium wood materials that enhance strength, beauty, and comfort in diverse climates.


Although steel-framed barndominiums are durable, they can become unbearably hot in high temperatures, necessitating adequate insulation. Furthermore, steel structures are less eco-friendly and can require more expensive maintenance than their wood counterparts. Despite being generally affordable and builder-friendly, pole barns do not offer the same durability or value as high-quality wood structures. A pole barn investment might last only a few decades and require costly, routine maintenance to protect against moisture damage, rot, and infestation.

Instead of taking the risk with a cheaper but less reliable building kit, trust that you are making the best and most valuable decision for your Indiana property with a barndominium design from DC Structures. Our professionals have years of experience crafting custom barn houses and structures for clients nationwide, including those in Indiana. We provide the services, tools, and advice needed to get your plans off the ground. Our use of locally sourced, quality wood products ensures your barndominium looks beautiful, meets regional building codes, and suits your price point.


Benefits of Building with DC Structures

DC Structures is a top-choice provider of pre-engineered barndominium kits for many reasons. Far beyond your average kit company, we deliver only the finest materials, customization options, and designs for clients across the United States and Canada. As seasoned barn builders, we offer the expertise, skill, and time-tested processes to create extraordinary and long-lasting barndominiums for your property. With our team guiding your design, fabrication, material selection, and delivery process, you can rest easy knowing your barndominium building is in top-notch, trusted hands.

Need a Barndominium Builder?

If you’re looking for qualified contractors in Indiana, consider utilizing our nationwide builder network for your build. Through our extensive nationwide builder network, we can connect you with reliable contractors in your area and arrange a personalized consultation. Our business model prioritizes providing clients with all necessary resources, equipment, and contacts to ensure their projects look and function beautifully. Regardless of where you are in the process, we will help you find the right person to manage your construction project.

Cities Served in Indiana

Our company can ship pre-engineered building packages to any location in Indiana. Here are the ten largest cities in the state where you can build your dream barndominium:

  • Indianapolis
  • Fort Wayne
  • Evansville
  • South Bend
  • Carmel
  • Fishers
  • Bloomington
  • Hammond
  • Gary
  • Lafayette

Hear From Our Customers

We know how important it can be to hear directly from customers about their experiences. Below are some testimonials from clients who partnered with DC Structures to create their dream barndominiums. These satisfied customers highlight the exceptional service, quality, and craftsmanship they received, reinforcing why DC Structures is the preferred choice for barndominium projects in Indiana and elsewhere.


Fun Facts About Indiana

Indiana is full of rich history, vibrant culture, and unique attributes. Here are some fun facts about the Hoosier State:


Indiana is home to the Indianapolis 500, one of the most famous automobile races in the world. Held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the event attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators and is a staple of American motorsports.


Parke County, Indiana, is the “Covered Bridge Capital of the World.” With 31 historic covered bridges, this picturesque destination draws visitors from all over to admire its scenic beauty and architectural charm.


Did you know that Indiana is one of the top popcorn-producing states in the nation? The town of Valparaiso hosts the annual Popcorn Festival, celebrating the state’s contribution to this beloved snack with a parade, races, and plenty of popcorn-themed activities.

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