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DC Structures is a nationwide barn kit seller that boasts a team of experienced North Carolina barn kit builders. We take the North Carolina work ethic and emphasis on community seriously, and strive to provide an unparalleled one-on-one customer service experience for our client partners.

Never one to cut corners, all kits from DC Structures are comprised of the finest quality materials we can source. Our post-and-beam building kits offer peace of mind by way of their long-lasting durability. If given proper attention over time, post-and-beam barn kits will remain standing for a century or more. That’s an investment worth making!

DC Structures wants to help you create a barn you’ll be proud to pass along to the next generation. Take a look at our project gallery and digital catalog for a better sense of how we can bring your barn visions to life.

We’ve helped clients personalize our kits to satisfy a number of functions and aesthetic requests. No barn project is too big or too small for DC Structures, and you can count on the same level of quality customer service throughout every step of our streamlined and innovative process.

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