Introduction to The Beaver State

Bordered by Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and California, Oregon is an incredibly unique state located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Renowned for its widespread natural beauty and pioneering spirit, this West Coast region makes a prime location for constructing a wood-framed barndominium. With its rugged coastline, dense forests, high deserts, and snow-capped mountains, Oregon provides a stunning backdrop for those looking to integrate their living space with nature. The state’s rich history of environmental conservation and sustainable living aligns perfectly with the ethos of barndominium life, where eco-friendly building practices and energy efficiency are often key considerations.

Otherwise called barndos, barndominiums offer an ideal residential option for Oregonians seeking a multi-use house with ample room for a garage, workshop, or office on the main level. Using clear-span trusses and premium wood posts, our team can create a rock-solid frame for your structure that lends itself to wide-open interiors you can tailor to your needs and style. Keeping in mind your weather conditions, site characteristics, and regional details, our designers will help you craft a high-performance barndominium that exudes quality, beauty, and sophistication throughout. Whether you dream of a modern farmhouse-style home or something more traditional and rustic, our team will collaborate with you to ensure your barndo fits your lifestyle, family, budget, and desired concept. 

Are Barndominiums Well-Suited to Oregon's Climate?

Oregon’s climate presents a varied palette, from the damp, mild conditions of the coast to the arid landscapes of the eastern plains. This diversity demands resilient and adaptable building materials, especially for barndominiums in regions accustomed to heavy snow loads or rainfall. To ensure the longevity and integrity of every structure, DC Structures utilizes high-grade, kiln-dried lumber sourced from top mill-direct suppliers in the Pacific Northwest. This wood offers superior resistance to the moist environments typical of the state, allowing your barndominium to remain structurally sound and comfortable in constant rain, snow, or sleet.

In areas prone to heavy snowfall, such as the Cascades, our barndominiums are designed to withstand significant snow loads, with reinforced roofing systems that excel in performance and aesthetic appeal. Conversely, in Eastern Oregon, where dry, hot climates are more of the norm, our designs incorporate energy-efficient windows and specialized insulation to maintain a comfortable interior and reduce cooling costs. These tailored adaptations meet the unique environmental challenges of Oregon’s diverse regions while showcasing the beauty and quality of our barns and barndos.

For those settling in wildfire-prone areas, DC Structures also offers options for fire-resistant materials and designs that enhance safety while maintaining the rustic, charming aesthetic that barndominiums are known for. By choosing materials and designs responsive to the local climate, DC Structures ensures that your Oregon barndominium is a safe, comfortable, and durable sanctuary.

Available Barndominium Plans

How We Construct Our Barndominiums

Building a barndominium in Oregon involves careful consideration of the regulations and climate requirements in your area. DC Structures adapts each project to your specific conditions, ensuring your barndominium will withstand local weather patterns while meeting state-specific building codes. The flexibility of our designs allows for adjustments to factors like insulation types and roofing styles, which are crucial for creating a comfortable and durable home. Our team also utilizes time-tested building methods, like clear-span construction and post and beam construction, to ensure our wood-framed barn houses and buildings provide a lasting foundation for the future.

Our customization process is particularly beneficial in Oregon, where environmental considerations can affect the construction of new housing. With everything from plumbing and roof materials to finishes and dimensions informed by Oregon’s regional codes and environmental laws, we take great care in designing our barndominiums to reflect the varied requirements of homeowners and their properties. Clients can choose from several foundational types suitable for their specific locale, whether building on the rocky coasts or in the mountainous terrain. Additionally, our team can integrate features like solar panel installations and rainwater harvesting systems to enhance the sustainable qualities of your structure.

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What Comes with a Barndominium Kit?

Our team designs our barndominium kits with materials that ensure durability and efficiency across all environments — from the wet, coastal areas to the dry, high desert regions. For example, our high-quality, kiln-dried lumber provides excellent resistance to the damp conditions prevalent in western Oregon, preventing mold and moisture damage.

On top of that, we specifically produce our pre-engineered barndominium building kits to include everything our clients need to form the shell of their structure. These base design and materials packages come with customized house plans, prefabricated framing elements, siding, hardware, steel knife plates, and more to create a complete building envelope.

In many cases, our building packages also come standard with energy-efficient windows and doors that help to maintain optimal indoor temperatures, provide protection from heavy rainfall and snow, and reduce maintenance needs. Whether a person is facing the cool, rainy winters of the Willamette Valley or the extreme summer heat of eastern Oregon, these components are essential for building a home that’s as cozy as is positive for the planet.


Why Choose DC Structures?

Partnering with DC Structure for your Oregon barndominium project means working with a team that’s not only intimately familiar with crafting high-quality wood homes but also Oregon’s incredible landscape. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our company specializes in designing custom barndominiums that meet the needs of our varied regions while still seamlessly blending into their surroundings. Whether you’re planning to build near the Pacific coastline or in the high desert areas of the state, our designs incorporate customizations and environmentally sound features optimized for functionality and aesthetics.

Our commitment to using sustainable, high-quality materials resonates well with Oregon’s environmental values, making DC Structures a natural fit for Oregonians looking for their dream barndominium. With our hands-on approach and dedication to customer satisfaction, DC Structures provides a building kit experience that is tailored, transparent, and aligned with the expectations and aspirations of homeowners in Oregon.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Barndominium Kit

When planning to build a barndominium in Oregon, there are several local considerations to take into account.


First, Oregon’s building codes and zoning laws can vary significantly from county to county, especially between urban and rural areas. It’s crucial to understand the specific requirements of the city where you plan to build, such as maximum building heights and other zoning restrictions, to ensure compliance and avoid potential setbacks.


Environmental factors also play a significant role in the planning process. For instance, areas within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) are subject to regulations aimed at reducing wildfire risks. These might include using fire-resistant materials or creating defensible spaces around the property. Additionally, it might be necessary for clients in flood-prone areas to include flood mitigation measures in their designs.

Considering Oregon’s focus on environmental sustainability, potential buyers should also explore energy efficiency standards and possible incentives for incorporating renewable energy sources into their construction plans. State and local programs might offer rebates or tax benefits for installing solar panels or other green technologies.


Benefits of Building a Barndominium with DC

Building a barndominium with DC Structures in Oregon offers tailored benefits such as enhanced durability for diverse climates and customization to match lifestyle preferences. Our structures are engineered to withstand heavy snow loads in the Cascades and optimized for cooling in arid regions, incorporating energy-efficient designs and sustainable materials. With our premium options and upgrades, our clients can easily personalize their chosen barndominium designs or create an entirely custom structure that captures their ideal exterior and interior. Using our base material packages as a starting point, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor spaces like your bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen to your liking while working with a world-class team from start to finish.

Need a Barndominium Builder?

When building your barndominium in Oregon, selecting the right contractor is essential. If you need a trusted builder for your project, our team can help connect you with vetted contractors within the state. Our nationwide builder network includes professionals adept at constructing in coastal and inland areas, ensuring compliance with local standards and optimal adaptation to the climate. We facilitate personalized consultations to align your vision with a builder who offers consistency and attention to detail, guaranteeing your project can kick off successfully.

Cities We Serve in Oregon

DC Structures delivers barndominium kits to numerous locations throughout California, ensuring coverage across this vast and varied state. Here are the top ten cities in California where our services are readily available:

  • Portland
  • Salem
  • Eugene
  • Bend
  • Medford
  • Corvallis
  • Beaverton
  • Hillsboro
  • Gresham
  • Springfield

Hear From Our Customers

Hearing from our satisfied clients in Oregon provides helpful information about the superior quality and satisfaction delivered by DC Structures. Here are a few testimonials from Oregon homeowners who chose us for their barndominium projects:


Three Fun Facts About Oregon

Oregon is a state rich with history, natural beauty, and unique attributes that make it a fascinating place to live. Here are some fun facts to enjoy about the Beaver State:


Oregon is one of the few states with such diverse climate zones, ranging from the arid desert in the east to the lush, rainy forests in the west. This variety makes Oregon a thrilling place for nature lovers and adventurers alike.


One of Oregon’s most popular features is its lack of a state sales tax. Shoppers can enjoy buying items without the extra cost added at the register, which is a rarity among states.


Located in Portland, Mill Ends Park is officially the world’s smallest park, measuring only 2 feet across. It was created in 1948 on St. Patrick’s Day, adding a touch of whimsy to the city.

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