Indiana Custom Barn Home

Indianapolis, IN2,459 Sq. Ft.

Project Summary:

This custom barn home in Indianapolis, Indiana was modified from our Powell 60’ Monitor Barn Kit to serve as a one-bedroom home and showroom for our client’s impressive antique gas pump collection. The first floor consists of a large pump viewing area, a great room with a gas fireplace, a kitchen area, a mud room, and a powder room. Upstairs, a portion of the raised center aisle features a one-bedroom loft with a bathroom and seating area while the remainder is open to the floor below.

Aside from our client’s vintage gas pump collection, there are several unique features that make this structure stand out from the crowd. For instance, our client elected to include faux Dutch doors with transom windows and faux breezeway doors on the main level — a detail that gives the exterior a more authentic barn appearance. Our client also opted for select tight knot cedar tongue and groove siding for the exterior and interior tongue and groove wall coverings. A heavy timber roof upgrade with 16’ select grade Douglas fir trusses adds to the intrigue of their interior, creating dramatic vaulted ceilings that make the space look and feel more expansive. Additional modifications to the design include the addition of Andersen 400 Series windows, an open shed roof, a partially enclosed shed roof with a protective screen, a heavy timber stair upgrade, and a 36” x 36” cedar cupola with windows to replace the standard vented cupola.

General Overview:


  • 2,459 SQ. FT. Conditioned Space
  • Pump Viewing Area
  • Open-Concept Kitchen & Living Area
  • One-Bedroom Loft


  • Faux Dutch Doors & Breezeway Doors
  • Interior Tongue & Groove Wall Coverings
  • Partially Enclosed Shed Roof with Screen Protection
  • Chimney Framing


  • Andersen 400 Series Windows
  • Cedar Tongue & Groove Siding
  • Heavy Timber Roof Upgrade
  • Heavy Timber Stair Upgrade
  • 36” x 36” Windowed Cupola

Custom Features:

This barn home design is a highly customized version of our Powell Monitor Barn Kit. Special features include the addition of faux Dutch doors with transom windows, faux breezeway doors on the gable ends, chimney framing, a heavy timber roof upgrade with 16’ select grade Douglas fir trusses, and Andersen 400 Series windows. Our client also decided to include two shed roofs as part of their design — one open and the other partially enclosed with a protective screen. The inclusion of a 36” x 36” cupola with windows enhances the natural lighting inside the space while serving as an aesthetic design element. Upstairs, a sliding barn door acts as a partition between the lofted bedroom and the adjacent raised center aisle area that opens to the floor below.

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