Wyoming Monitor Barn Kit

Thayne, WY5,686 Sq. Ft.

Project Summary:

Modified from our Powell 72′ Monitor Barn Kit, this post and beam structure in Thayne, Wyoming, features an impressive 5,686 sq. ft. floor plan designed for multifunctional living. The first floor consists of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a spacious living, kitchen, and dining area and a three-stall horse barn with an attached workshop. An 870 sq. ft. covered shed roof directly outside the stall area provides a safe and comfortable place for our client’s horses to graze and enjoy the outdoors.

Heavy timber stairs outside the living room lead to an entertainment loft with 918 sq. ft. of conditioned living space. An enclosed room toward the back of the loft area provides plenty of space for storage, work, or an additional bedroom. The raised center aisle in this monitor barn design creates a naturally bright and open loft, making it the ideal solution for a multi-purpose structure like this one. Additionally, a windowed cupola and clerestory windows add to the expansive feeling of the interior, while exposed beams give it that distinctly rustic yet elegant appearance.

General Overview:


  • 1,730 SQ. FT. Living Space
  • 918 SQ. FT. Loft
  • 1,290 SQ. FT. Horse Barn & Workshop
  • 1,310 SQ. FT. Covered Shed Area
  • 439 SQ. FT. Covered Entry


  • (2) Bedrooms
  • (2) Bathrooms
  • (3) Horse Stalls & Turnouts
  • Open-Concept Living Space
  • Upstairs Loft Area


  • 12′ x 72′ Covered Shed Roofs
  • 36′ X 12 Covered Entry
  • Engineering Upgrade to Increase Snow Load
  • 48″ x 48″ Windowed Cupola
  • Hardie Panel & Lap Siding

Custom Features:

This post and beam monitor barn kit features several modifications and upgrades to accommodate our client’s needs, including two shed roofs, a covered entryway, a gable dormer, and interior stud walls. Because of how much snow the area sees each winter, we added an engineering upgrade that increased the snow load capacity of the structure to 70 to 100 lbs. We also added an engineering upgrade that removed columns from the interior space. Something unique to this structure is that this client created and installed many of the design details themselves, including the barn doors and heavy timber railing seen in our photos. This personal touch adds a ton of character to this already one-of-a-kind home and horse barn, making it a perfect example of how clients can customize their kits to reflect their personalities and tastes.

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