West Linn Riding Arena

West Linn, OR11,604 Sq. Ft.

Project Summary:

This beautiful arena measures 80’ x 132’ and features a 12’ x 72’ shed roof in the rear that contains a 12’ x 24’ enclosed viewing room decked out with hardwood floors and top-of-the-line infrared heaters.

Three cupolas with windows and two rows of skylights help to fill the arena with as much natural light as possible. This covered riding area also features cedar board and batten siding throughout the exterior and inside the viewing room. Douglas fir tongue and groove siding lines the interior walls and rub rail.

General Overview:

80′ x 132′ PRAIRIE:

  • 11,064 SQ. FT.
  • 80′ x 132′ Covered Riding Arena
  • 12′ x 72′ Shed Roof
  • 12′ x 24′ Viewing Room


  • (3) Cupolas with Windows
  • Skylights
  • Angled Rub Rail
  • Infrared Heaters

Custom Features:

This all-wood riding arena offers the ideal setting for riding in any weather! With its open-air design and heavy timber accents, this arena gives our clients the feeling of riding in a beautiful, covered wooded area. Though straightforward in its layout, this modified Prairie riding arena features numerous personalized touches throughout, including hardwood floors and infrared heaters in the viewing room. The interior includes Douglas fir tongue and groove siding while the exterior is clad in Western red cedar board and batten siding. Three cupolas with gridded windows add functional and visual appeal to the structure, while skylights and open windows let in plenty of natural light.

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