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Level Up With A Timber Frame Pavilion Kit

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that time spent in a beautiful outdoor setting is never time wasted. The average adult’s morning consists of the kind of chaos that seems to be an unavoidable precursor to the daily dance of shuffling kids to school and racing to work so they can stare at a screen for eight or more hours. If you’re exhausted just reading that run-on sentence, then chances are high you are more than familiar with this scenario.

While time unplugged in the great outdoors is always good for the soul, there are always steps you can take to enhance the outside space in your own backyard. A timber frame pavilion creates a tantalizing outdoor atmosphere that is wonderful for hosting friends and family. Whether it’s utilized as coverage for your patio, a shelter for your hot tub, an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit, all-wood pavilions are beautiful structures that add value to your property.

DC Structures designs and assembles stunning timber frame pavilion kits for customers all over the U.S. While people have their reservations about the quality of a pre-engineered building package, our pavilion kits are anything but blasé. Our collaborative pavilion kit design process entails making sure that the pavilion we design will mesh seamlessly with existing structures on the property. Further, they are designed using the Pacific Northwest’s finest heavy timbers.

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor scenery into a cozy place for unwinding and entertaining, download our digital catalog and start planning for your space. Or, if you’re ready to get started sooner, request a free quote!