Copperhead Creek Ranch Pavilion

This custom king post pavilion outside our client’s bar and guesthouse in Bradley, California, provides limitless possibilities for outdoor entertaining.

FireRock Station Pavilion

This custom pavilion in Sugar Grove, North Carolina, is one of three structures we designed for our clients as part of their gorgeous FireRock Station venue and property.

Kenwood Deschutes Cabin Kit

Based on a Deschutes Cabin Kit, this post and beam residence makes a cozy addition to our clients’ farm in Kenwood, California.

North Dakota Bridal Suite

This delightful bridal suite in Burlington, North Dakota, offers a cozy interior complete with all the modern amenities a bride could want and need for their wedding day.

Bothell Backyard Pavilion

This pavilion kit adds a comfortable outdoor living space to a home in Bothell, Washington. This pavilion features two 12′ heavy timber trusses, sturdy 8″ x 8″ Douglas fir posts, mortise and tenon connections and a tongue and groove wood ceiling.

Boring Pergola

This custom pergola kit is part of a private residence in Boring, Oregon. The small structure measures only 5′ x 7′, but it makes a big impression with select-grade Douglas fir posts, beams, knee braces and slats

Sunnyvale Pavilion

This special backyard pavilion in Sunnyvale, California features four heavy timber trusses and oversized 10″ x 10″ posts all made from select-grade Douglas fir.

Barrel House Pergola

This unique pergola is part of the Tumwater Vineyard & Barrel House in West Linn, Oregon. Unlike our standard pergolas made from Douglas fir, this custom structure is made from redwood.

Sonoma Horse Park Pergola

The simple but attractive structure measures 15′ x 30′ and is framed with Douglas fir heavy timbers and cedar slats, adding class and some extra shade to any equestrian event.

Upstate New York Pavilion

This beautiful backyard pavilion kit sits on a wonderful property looking out over Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate New York. The heavy timber framed structure features four 16′ queen post trusses, oversized 10″ x 10″ Douglas fir posts and 8″ x 14″ beams.

Sparrow Pavilion

This 15′ x 15′ custom pavilion is part of the Sparrow Beginnings wedding and event center in Stillwater, Oklahoma. A product of the DC Structures custom design process, this structure features four gables instead of the usual two, each framed by a 15′ king post heavy timber truss.

Virginia Cabin Kit

Based on our Rogue Cabin Kit, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom cabin utilizes an efficient floor plan that offers all the comforts of a traditional family home.

Stillwater Barn Office

This unique barn-style office in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is the inspiration behind our beloved Stillwater Barn Home Kit.

Public Park Pavilion

This customized king post-style pavilion is the centerpiece of a public park in Boring, Oregon. This pavilion features three 16′ heavy timber trusses, sturdy 8″ x 8″ Douglas fir posts, mortise and tenon connections and a tongue and groove wood ceiling. Concealed, countersunk knife plates provide a safe and attractive connection to the foundation.

Mt. Hood Pavilion Kit

This customized double ridge-style pavilion sits at the edge of the Mt. Hood National Forest, not far from Sandy, Oregon. This unique outdoor living space features four 20′ heavy timber trusses, sturdy 8″ x 8″ Douglas fir posts, and an open fire pit with a hood and chimney built right into the structure.

San Jose Shed Row Barn

Based on our Pendleton 48′ Shed Row Barn Kit, this small but efficient horse barn features an open-air design that perfectly suits the temperate region of San Jose.

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