Why the DC Approach Benefits Builders

It takes a village to build a barn—or so the saying goes. Constructing a pre-designed barn package calls for collaborative participation between clients, designers and builders.

Nationwide barn kit company DC Structures is a team player when it comes to helping its clients achieve their building goals. We translate clients’ visions for their structures into actionable plans, and ensure a smooth transition as we pass those blueprints off to the client and their chosen contractor.

DC Structures’ builder-friendly approach benefits contractors before, during and after a barn kit build.


Our pre-engineered barn packages are designed by builders for builders, who draw from years of experience building barns and barn-style homes. We stay on the line throughout the duration of a barn kit build, offering builder support in the event that questions or challenges come up.


The DC Structures approach saves builders time and money. By taking care of the design, materials and engineering requirements in advance, builders are able to work on projects more quickly and efficiently—freeing up time for other jobs.


Builders benefit from DC’s reputation and warm referrals, as well as our mill-direct Pacific Northwest lumber connections. The rustic aesthetic of a DC building adds a distinctly timeless style of construction to builder portfolios.

Peace of mind

Builders benefit from DC Structures’ industry know-how and deep understanding of post-and-beam construction methods. Our engineered barn kits are guaranteed structurally sound and compliant with local building codes, and therefore reduce contractor liability.

Like any team effort, building a barn kit calls for clear communication at every step of the way. DC Structures keeps an open line of communication with both clients and contractors throughout a barn package build. This allows us to avoid errors that result from miscommunication.

Interested in collaborating with us to build your dream barn or barn-style home? Take a look at our catalog and begin to imagine the possibilities.

Personalized Kits: Make It Your Own With Options & Upgrades

personalized kits

Just because it’s a barn kit, doesn’t mean it has to be standard. Personalized kits are just as original as custom builds, and they save you time and money.

When you choose DC Structures, you’ll be guided through a streamlined hands-on process to select and modify your kit. We celebrate your individuality, and we want to give you the tools you need to make your kit your own.

The DC Structures portfolio of personalized kits is as diverse aesthetically as it is structurally. As you’ll see, there’s not much we aren’t willing to accommodate for our clients.

The ability to personalize your structure starts with deciding on a kit model and size. Our experienced team of project specialists will work with you to determine the model that will best meet your needs.

We get a lot of clients who come to us with a particular kit in mind. However, once we dig a bit deeper, we often discover that another model would be much better suited for their needs. Our collective experience getting to the heart of our customers’ lifestyles helps us to steer you toward the perfect package.

The Delight is in the Details

Our selection of options and upgrades ranges from the purely aesthetic to the structurally necessary. We can accommodate different heights and widths for your structure, as well as increased wind and snow loads.

Choose from our Andersen window packages and Pacific Northwest knotty alder wood doors. All our door and window offerings are top quality, adding more value and a boon to the appearance of your structure.

Building a barn? We offer a stellar selection of Classic Equine stall fronts that are both elegant and durable. From standard stall fronts to Euro-style and Legend-style, we can help you choose the stall doors that complement your desired aesthetic.

If, for whatever reason, a client is dissatisfied with our upgrade offerings, we are happy to credit those materials so they can source what they want themselves. Take a look at our catalog for more information on how you can personalize your kit.

Selecting Fine Heavy Timbers For Your Build

DC Structures Pacific NW Doug Fir Timbers & Western Red Cedar Blog Content Graphic

All lumber and heavy timbers are not created equal—even those that are cut from the same tree species.

If you’re thinking about adding a barn to your property, your building’s lumber quality is an important consideration.The quality of the timbers you use for your building will determine the health, beauty and longevity of your timber frame.

Lumber’s grade, cut and moisture content all add to the durability and appearance of a building . For example, improperly cut and dried lumber of a low grade is prone to warp and shrink over time. This will alter the barn’s aesthetic and structural integrity.

Northwest Heavy Timbers Mill-Direct Sourcing

The Pacific Northwest’s reputation for quality heavy timbers is second to none. As an illustration, Western red cedar and builder-favorite Douglas fir are among the region’s largest exports.

Nationwide barn kit builder DC Structures is in the heart of the logging scene. Consequently, we benefit from meaningful, mill-direct relationships with our high-grade lumber suppliers.

We believe that the end result for a client’s barn kit project depends on the quality of materials sourced and services rendered. As a result, our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to the materials included in our packages. We are always happy to provide guidance throughout the process of deciding on the right timbers for a barn kit build.

All DC Structures barn kits come standard with Select Structural grade timbers, which is the highest recommendation for structural integrity. Therefore, you’ll never have to question or negotiate for a better grade of lumber.

The same is true of lumber cut. All our barn kit’s timbers are free of heart center. This means the soft pith in the middle is excluded from the trim. Free-of-heart timbers make for frames that hold their shape and appearance over time, as the soft heart center will likely shrink and twist in the process.

heavy timbers
Heavy timbers that are cut to include the soft heart center are prone to cracking over time.

Similarly, improperly dehydrated wood is prone to sap and poor structural stability. All timbers included in DC Structures’ pre-engineered barn packages have been subject to precise and efficient kiln drying techniques. This ensures that the lumber’s moisture content is well below concerning levels.

Quality You Can Count on

All DC Structures come with a promise of quality that permeates every aspect of our product and service offerings. That includes top-grade, hand-selected heavy timbers from our mill-direct connections.

The DC Structures project gallery is a testament to the excellence of our barn kits.

Request a catalog to see our quality promise in action.

How DC Differs From Other Barn Kit Companies


When you decide to add a new structure to your property, you’ve got to ask yourself one very important question. What kind of investment are you trying to make?

There are plenty of barn kit companies out there that can sell you an engineered materials package. The thing is, not all of them can deliver a product that will remain standing for generations to come.

The DC Structures team takes pride in the ways it separates itself from the competition. We always make good on our promise of value from first contact to completed build.

Our clients are our partners, and we treat them as such until the job is done. There’s no cold transaction or post-sale desertion on our end. We work with our customers side-by-side to ensure their packages are in line with their goals and visions.

The Proof is in the Posts and Beams

DC sets itself apart with its superior construction methods and top-quality materials. We offer our clients hundreds of options and upgrades to choose from, and contractor support throughout their build.

Adding to the longevity of our kits are the high-grade heavy timbers we source from our mill-direct connections in the Pacific Northwest. We include only the finest materials in our kits, which makes for a difference you can see and feel.

Compromising on quality materials and service by choosing a pole barn may seem like a small sacrifice for an affordable end. However, costs over time will be higher due to the short lifespan of treated wooden posts in concrete.

Some things are too important to be cold and calculated commodities, and we believe a building is one of them. That’s why, unlike other barn kit companies, we’ll be in contact throughout the process to ensure your build goes off without a hitch.

The DC difference is apparent at every step of the process, from the quality of materials we source to the one-on-one attention you’ll receive from our knowledgeable team of project specialists. Interested in partnering with us for your own barn or barn-style home project? Request our catalog to get a feel for the possibilities.