Texas Custom Wedding Venue

Bryan, TX15,755 Sq. Ft.

Project Summary:

This custom wedding venue in Bryan, Texas is one of the largest commercial projects ever designed by DC Structures. Based on our Legacy Event Barn Kit, this 15,755 sq. ft. venue offers nearly three times the conditioned floor area of our original building model, with three levels dedicated to wedding day preparation. The first floor features a 6,133 sq. ft. main hall that opens to the third story, creating a truly stunning interior with dramatic vaulted ceilings and custom chandeliers. Other amenities on the main level include a 550 sq. ft. buffet area, a 361 sq. ft. prep kitchen, 470 sq. ft. ADA bathrooms, a 523 sq. ft. stage area, and nearly 1,000 square feet of storage space.

Newlyweds and their guests can access the second and third story one of three ways — through a platform lift-style elevator, a beautiful three-story silo with a spiral staircase, or a pair of spiral stairs and regular stairs in the main hall that lead to the second story. On the second floor, brides and bridesmaids have access to a private bridal suite with its own deck while a separate 2,644 balcony serves as additional space for guest seating. One floor up, grooms and groomsmen can prepare for the ceremony in a private groom’s suite with its own deck and a balcony overlooking the main hall below.

General Overview:


  • 6,133 SQ. FT. Main Hall
  • 470 SQ. FT. ADA Bathrooms
  • 550 SQ. FT. Buffet Area
  • 361 SQ. FT. Prep Kitchen
  • 2,541 SQ. FT. Outdoor Patio


  • 2,644 SQ. FT. Balcony
  • 861 SQ. FT. Bridal Suite
  • 143 SQ. FT. Bridal Deck
  • 131 SQ. FT. Bathroom


  • 171 SQ. FT. Balcony
  • 458 SQ. FT. Groom’s Suite
  • 131 SQ. FT. Groom’s Deck
  • 189 SQ. FT. Bathroom

Custom Features:

This enormous wedding venue is a perfect example of our custom design capabilities. We provided design plans only for this project, with the client supplying all materials for the structure. There are dozens of custom features present in this design, including the implementation of an attached silo with a spiral staircase and the addition of a third floor. While the upper levels bear some resemblance to our sample second story floor plan for the Legacy Event Barn Kit, the entire main level features a completely custom floor plan designed to serve a variety of unique needs. Instead of our original two cupolas, this structure includes three windowed cupolas for optimal natural lighting. These clients also created an entirely unique entrance to their venue, with a covered shed roof and gable-roofed heavy timber entryway acting as an inviting entry point for couples and their guests.

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