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Wedding Barns

wedding barn kit

The Legacy: A Premier Wedding Barn Kit

by Eris Creative • March 7, 2018

Legacies are built from the traditions left behind by those who are led by a desire for something better. This is what our designers wanted to capture in our largest wedding barn kit. The Legacy fuses some of the best wedding barn projects we’ve been involved with. Every feature has been carefully chosen to create […]

outdoor wedding pavilion

Outdoor Wedding Pavilion ‘I dos’

by Eris Creative • January 17, 2018

Weddings are notoriously expensive events for many families and would-be couples. Minus the honeymoon, the average cost for a wedding in the U.S. bounces between $19,182 and $31,970. Still, this is a formative event; a day that sets the tone for many years to come. After all, lasting wedding day impressions are easily made through […]