California Horse Barn Kits

Nationwide barn kit builder DC Structures specializes in California horse barn kits. Never one to skip on quality, DC Structures holds the Californian values of hard work and fine craftsmanship in high esteem. Whether you’re looking for a simple horse barn setup or a complex, multi-stall operation, we can adapt one of our top-quality kits to satisfy your unique needs.

All DC Structures horse barn kits come with a standard equestrian package that can be upgraded and personalized depending on your goals. Barn animal safety is one of our highest priorities, which is why we steer clear of chemically-treated lumbers used in cheap pole barn construction. Relying on the durable style of post-and-beam building methods, our horse barn kits are safer and more environmentally sound than their pole barn counterparts.

In addition to animal safety, post-and-beam construction lends itself to a much longer shelf life than that of a pole barn. With a barn built to last for a hundred years or more, we believe that you should be 100 percent satisfied with what it is you’re getting. Browse our project gallery and digital catalog to find inspiration for your own dream barn project.

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Featured Projects In California

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San Jose Shed Row Barn

Pendleton 48′ | San Jose, CA

The warm California weather allows for this shed row horse barn in San Jose to have an outdoor breezeway for optimal ventilation. This kit was upgraded to have the very best classic equine stall fronts, along with a cedar shake roof and skylights for added light.

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California Clerestory Barn Kit

Brightwood 48′ | Cornelius, OR

This beautifully upgraded L shaped shed row barn features 5 horse stalls, a fed room, tack room and laundry room. The barn has been upgraded from the stalls to wood to match exactly what the owner wanted.

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