why you should invest in a prefab home kit

Why You Should Invest in a Prefab Home Kit

Prefab home kits are often confused for manufactured or modular homes, with many buyers initially mistaking the term for cheaply built, ready-made building packages, like the viral $30,000 tiny home from Amazon. Although prefab homes share a few characteristics with these pre-built options, like their ease of construction and budget-friendly nature, these structures couldn’t be more different in quality, customization, and versatility, to name a few! 

a rustic barn home in MichiganAt DC, we pride ourselves on delivering America’s best and most complete pre-engineered building packages. Custom-tailored by our in-house designers and produced off-site using precision CNC technology, our prefabricated home kits are the antithesis of modular and manufactured homes, with our luxury, high-performance building solutions providing superior flexibility, durability, and value that suit any location. 

Whether you envision a quaint cottage, a sizable guest house, or a Craftsman-style dwelling for your property, here are some reasons why clients swear by our pre-engineered building kits and what continues to make them a step above the rest:

Exceptional Durability

Our team utilizes time-tested construction methods and precision technologies to deliver powerfully built prefab home kits. Using our state-of-the-art CNC robot, our team will translate your custom design plans into expertly crafted building packages that make assembly remarkably fast and accurate. To put things into perspective, our kits take 30% to 50% less time to frame than conventionally built homes, with elements like your walls, roof materials, and floor components arriving ready for installation on the job site. 

A CNC robot that pre-cuts and drills lumber to precisionWith our machine, our team will pre-cut, pre-drill, and label your lumber pieces to precision, ensuring each component fits perfectly with its connection. This level of accuracy, combined with our premium material supply, creates a recipe for success in our prefab home kit line, resulting in a kit home built to last and protect you in any weather event. 


We design our pre-engineered building packages with flexible floor plans, materials, and structural elements to ensure your kit fully reflects your vision. With our prefab house plans, you can work one-on-one with our designers to create a layout that accommodates your needs and add or modify any features, finishes, or indoor and outdoor areas you see fit. As a bonus, we offer hundreds of options and upgrades through our partnerships with top North American brands, such as Andersen and Pella windows, Woodtone siding, and Trex decking. No matter what you have in mind for your custom home design, we offer the versatility, expertise, and attention to detail to deliver your dream structure! 

Premium Materials

If our company is known for anything, it’s quality. Whether it’s the exceptional customer support we provide, the attractiveness of our designs, or, in this case, the robustness and beauty of our materials, we consistently deliver quality solutions that keep clients coming back with new project ideas. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our team offers unbridled access to some of the world’s most valuable timber exports, like Douglas fir, Western red cedar, and coastal redwood.

a modern kitchen designed with heavy timber posts and beamsOur close relationships with mill-direct suppliers in the region allow us to purchase these timbers at competitive prices, which we then pass directly on to you. With our team sourcing your materials, you can feel confident that your prefab home kit will be a fortress of strength while embodying the unrivaled beauty of the Pacific Northwest and providing the affordability you seek.


The energy efficiency of wood-framed homes and buildings is second to none, making these structures some of the more eco-friendly housing options on the market. By incorporating wood, specifically high-grade timbers, in your prefab home design, you can expect your structure to keep you comfortable in any season while drastically reducing heating and cooling bills throughout the year. As a naturally grown and renewable material, wood absorbs and releases heat, which helps maintain equilibrium in your indoor environments and improve air quality. Furthermore, by adding solar installations, skylights, and double- or triple-paned glass windows to their designs, homeowners can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their carbon footprint overall. 

Natural Beauty

Lastly, prefab home kits like ours offer natural beauty for your interior and exterior spaces. With your wood framing elements left exposed in your home, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your living room and enhance the long-term value of your structure. Whether you plan to invest in one of our post and beam, timber frame, or clear span homes or cabins, you can ensure your building model will retain its aesthetic appeal and timeless charm for ages. 

Need more convincing to build a prefab home kit on your property? We can think of twenty more reasons why you should! Call us today at (888) 975-2057 to speak to one of us directly or request a digital product catalog to see why we make the perfect partner for your dream home project.

An exterior shot of a timber frame home in MichiganAdditionally, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Instagram or YouTube pages for more information on our products and to watch video footage of our completed dwellings, customer testimonials, and construction process. We’re in the business of bringing your dreams to life, and it all starts with building your prefab home your way. 

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