Colorado Apartment Barn Kits

DC Structures specializes in Colorado apartment barn kits, relying on the durable method of post-and-beam construction design. This building style lends itself to beautiful exposed timbers, dramatically open interiors and a lifespan that will exceed 100 years if given proper attention and upkeep over time.

The Colorado ethos is centered around dedicated work ethic and artisan craftsmanship. The kits from DC Structures speak to this mindset with a quality difference that is evident at every step of the process. This penchant for quality is what enables DC Structures to set itself above and away from the competition, putting the company in a league of its own.

Our apartment barn kits can be modified for a variety of uses and lifestyles. No longer just for horses, the apartment barn is a versatile structure that can serve as a hybrid working and living space or an expanded home in which to pursue your favorite hobbies.

Whatever your lifestyle calls for, DC Structures can help you get started on your dream apartment barn today. Take a look at our project gallery for a better sense of how we can help you make your passions more accessible.

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