Introduction to The Centennial State

Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities, Colorado offers an idyllic setting for barndominium living. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the expansive plains, each region of Colorado presents a unique backdrop that enhances the appeal of custom-built barndominium homes. The state’s vibrant culture, which blends outdoor life with urban sophistication, makes it a top choice for people seeking a blend of rural charm and modern convenience.

Building a barndominium in Colorado allows residents to take full advantage of varied climates and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a barndominium with ski-centered amenities in the mountain towns or a spacious and sustainable home in the country, Colorado provides endless possibilities to design a home that fits your aesthetic and functional needs. With a growing population and a strong appreciation for quality and craftsmanship, Colorado is the perfect location to build a barndominium you and your family can call home.  

Are Barndominiums Well-Suited to Colorado's Climate?

Colorado’s diverse climate ranges from the arid conditions of the High Plains to the cold, snowy weather of the Rocky Mountains, creating unique challenges and opportunities for barndominium construction. The state’s weather conditions necessitate robust, durable structural elements that withstand sudden temperature shifts, heavy snowfall, and intense sunlight. Our barn houses are designed with these environmental factors in mind, ensuring that each home is incredibly comfortable and resilient.

For the framing of Colorado barndominiums, we utilize premium kiln-dried timbers sourced from the Pacific Northwest. This wood is aesthetically pleasing and provides excellent thermal insulation properties — crucial for maintaining energy efficiency in varied climates. Additionally, our designs incorporate large, energy-efficient windows that capitalize on natural light while offering stunning views of scenic landscapes.

Moreover, considering Colorado’s heavy snow in certain areas, our barndominium roof systems will be engineered to bear significant snow loads, preventing structural damage during the winter. Each DC Structures barndominium offers a durable frame that meets the specific needs and building codes of Colorado’s environment, ensuring that your home is a safe, sustainable, and energy-efficient sanctuary regardless of the weather outside.

Available Barndominium Plans

How We Construct Our Barndominiums

DC Structures specializes in crafting high-quality, wood-framed barndos perfect for diverse climates and topographies. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each barndominium we build reflects our client’s unique vision, lifestyle, and work habits. The Meridian Barndominium Kit, with its clear-span design and vaulted wood trusses, provides a spacious and unobstructed open-concept interior. This construction method allows Colorado residents to design a layout that perfectly matches their desired living space and functional needs while easily adding traditional exterior elements like porches and dormers.

For those drawn to the distinctive appeal of heavy timber construction, our range of barn designs offers a rustic yet refined aesthetic that complements the natural beauty of Colorado. Our house plans employ high-quality heavy timbers and strong metal fasteners, ensuring stability and durability against Colorado’s dynamic weather patterns. Additionally, we provide various construction options to cater to the diverse needs of our Colorado clients. From traditional timber framing to modern hybrid wood structures, we offer multiple construction methods to suit your property needs and minimize upkeep.

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What Comes with a Barndominium Kit?

Every Colorado barndominium kit from DC Structures is a complete package designed for the state’s dynamic climate and lifestyle. Our kits feature detailed, engineered design plans, fabricated wood framing components, high-performance windows and doors, attractive siding options, and all necessary hardware. Our designers collaborate with you using the latest 3D design software, creating interactive building models that you can customize and modify as you go. From adding expansive decks to designing practical workshops for the modern artisan or hobbyist, we ensure your barndominium reflects your individual needs and style.


Why Choose DC Structures?

DC Structures is a premier designer and supplier of pre-engineered wood structures, catering to the evolving demands of the Colorado landscape. Our Pacific Northwest roots have instilled a profound respect for durability and sustainability — qualities embodied in all our barndominium kits. Our team offers high-quality, customizable building solutions that blend well with Colorado’s diverse ecosystems. Our process, marked by innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, ensures that your Colorado barndominium will be a testament to our promise of excellence at every turn.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Barndominium Kit

Venturing into the barndominium lifestyle in Colorado is an exciting endeavor that requires careful consideration of several significant factors. For one, Colorado buyers should reflect on the unique aspects of building in the state, as it may impact their chosen materials and the overall design of their home. While affordability is often the priority, the resilience and adaptability of your barndominium to weather extremes and diverse landscapes should guide your decisions.


We meticulously design our Colorado barndominium kits with high-grade wood materials that offer enduring strength and beauty while harmonizing with alpine and prairie environments. Unlike traditional steel structures, which can struggle with temperature regulation, our wood barndominiums provide superior insulation and inherent sustainability, aligning perfectly with the eco-friendly values of the state.


Furthermore, the dangers of steel in intense heat or cold require special attention to insulation — a concern sidestepped with our wood designs, which naturally maintain a comfortable interior environment. While pole barns may present an initially cheaper option, they lack the longevity and low maintenance benefits of our premium wood buildings, which we engineer to minimize future repair needs and withstand the challenges of moisture, decay, and pests prevalent in the Colorado climate.

By choosing DC Structures for your Colorado barndominium, you can benefit from our extensive experience and dedicated service, ensuring a personalized building experience that addresses all your site-specific needs. We utilize locally sourced, superior-quality lumber, guaranteeing a stunning structure compliant with regional safety standards and tailored to your budget. For a trusted partner in the industry with a commendable track record, DC Structures stands out as your go-to for bespoke barndominium designs.  


Benefits of Building a Barndominium with DC

Selecting DC Structures for your Colorado barndominium project means choosing a leader known for excellence and reliability. We provide far more than a standard building kit; we deliver a comprehensive package that includes high-quality materials, customizations, and innovative designs tailored for the Colorado landscape. Our professionals use proven processes to create beautiful barndominiums engineered to endure Colorado’s climatic challenges. From the initial design to the final nail, our hands-on approach ensures that your barndominium displays the utmost precision and care and that you can enjoy total peace of mind and satisfaction with your completed home.

Need a Barndominium Builder?

If you need a skilled builder for your Colorado barndominium, we’re here to help! At DC Structures, we’re proud to offer a robust network of vetted contractors in the Colorado region. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll arrange a call with one of our trusted builders in your area to ensure that every detail of your project is understood and addressed. Additionally, as part of our services, we provide our clients and their chosen builders with comprehensive support, including on-call advice, instructional videos, and virtual framing assistance. Wherever you plan to build your barndominium, we’re committed to matching you with the ideal contractor to manage your construction with precision and care.

Cities We Serve in Colorado

DC Structures services a wide range of locations within Colorado, ensuring that residents across the state have access to our top-quality barndominium kits. Here are the key areas we serve:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora
  • Fort Collins
  • Lakewood
  • Thornton
  • Arvada
  • Boulder
  • Westminster
  • Pueblo

Hear From Our Customers

Hearing from those who have already embarked on building a barndominium with DC Structures can be incredibly insightful. In Colorado and elsewhere in the nation, our clients have shared their firsthand experiences. Listen to what our barndominium clients have had to say about working with DC:


Three Fun Facts About Colorado

Colorado, renowned for its stunning scenery and adventurous spirit, has much more to offer than just its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. Here are some interesting facts that showcase the unique character of the Centennial State:


Denver, Colorado’s capital, is exactly one mile above sea level, earning it the nickname the “Mile High City.” This unique elevation is marked by a step on the State Capitol Building, exactly 5,280 feet above sea level.


Colorado is a treasure trove for paleontologists, home to the Morrison Formation, one of the most famous dinosaur fossil sites. The state was also the site where the first Stegosaurus skeleton was discovered, solidifying its place in prehistoric history.


Glenwood Hot Springs hosts the world’s largest hot springs pool, sprawling about two city blocks. The mineral-rich waters are naturally heated by the geothermal activity unique to the region, offering a relaxing and therapeutic experience year-round.

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