Colorado Workshop & Garage Kits

DC Structures specializes in Colorado workshop and garage kits, adapted to suit your unique lifestyle needs. The Colorado work ethic prizes hard work and quality craftsmanship. Workshop and garage kits from DC Structures satisfy this mindset with their functional and flexible designs.

Never one to skip on the details, DC Structures’ workshop and garage kits are crafted to meet your high standards. Whatever your specific requirements, our kits are easily modified to work for you. Whether you’re looking for a workshop to hone your craft or a garage to store and tinker with your outdoor toys, DC Structures has the perfect workspace for you.

Our workshop and garage kit designs can function as standalone workspaces or hybrid structures with attached living quarters. The workshop or garage with accompanying upstairs apartment is an efficient and cost-effective use of both space and materials, further speaking to the Coloradan way.

Take a look at our portfolio of completed projects and request our digital catalog for a better idea of how we can help you achieve your building goals. DC Structures stands by every kit it sells, and has total confidence in its refined technique of post-and-beam building design.

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