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Barn Kit Construction Duration

A barn kit will typically take six to 12 weeks to build. That said, the amount of time required for construction will depend heavily on the overall scope of the project. When planning for your barn kit construction timeline, there are several important factors to take into consideration–including geographic location, intended use, and selected finishes.

Perhaps most obviously, the size of your project will play a big role in determining the timeline for completion. A 1,500 square foot kit is going to be much easier to construct than an 8,000 square foot kit. Additionally, the finishes you select and the location those materials have to travel to and from will also be a factor.

Other important considerations include the location of the project and how difficult it is to get to the site. Rural locations with limited or underdeveloped access points will result in longer construction times than properties with close proximity to materials facilities and contractors. Similarly, the time of year and accompanying weather will impact the overall timeline—with winter typically taking longer than other times of the year.

To optimize your project timeline and budget, be sure your plans are complete and your foundation is set before the kit arrives for construction. It is also recommended that you a hire a trusted contractor with prior project management experience. Another crucial way to avoid frustrating delays is to coordinate with your county officials before construction starts to ensure your building will comply with all local regulations.

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