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Barn Home Kit Cost

The cost of a barn home kit starts at $76,500 and goes up to $190,575 for the core components. Of course, the exact price of a barn home kit is going to vary largely depending on a number of factors—including your geographic location. Thinking in terms of square footage, a barn home kit will generally run around $30–$60 per square foot.

While preparing for your barn home project, it’s important to consider the external costs that will come into play. Your barn home kit will include all structural materials, siding, trim, exterior doors and windows, roof sheathing, and connection hardware. Other components, however, are best acquired locally and as such are not included in the kit. This includes roofing material, concrete, nails, and plumbing and electrical fixtures.

The final price of a barn home kit is difficult to determine without first having a grasp on the scope of the overall project. Factors to consider when planning for a barn home project include size, function, and the custom finishes you’d like to incorporate. Ultimately, the price will most likely vary quite dramatically depending on these specifications.

If you have your barn home kit built by a general contractor, expect to pay for all the labor required to assemble your kit. These costs vary significantly in different parts of the country, making it difficult to provide an estimated cost of construction without knowing your project specifics. Request a quote from one of our project coordinators to review your project goals and receive more personalized cost estimates.

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