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DC Structures is a nationwide barn kit seller that specializes in Florida barn kits. Pre-engineered barn kits are a cost-effective and efficient way to add an attractive and long-lasting building to your property. Designed in the reliable style of post-and-beam construction, our kits are sure to last a hundred years or more if given proper upkeep over time.

Barn kits can be repurposed for a number of creative uses. Whether you’re looking for an apartment barn, a place to practice your trade or a garage to store your outdoor toys, all of our top-quality designs can be easily adapted to meet your unique lifestyle needs. We’ve seen our kits used in a number of crafty ways, and we know there are endless possibilities for each of our kit models.

Our team is both knowledgeable and customer-centric, and we take great pride in our ability to take client’s visions and turn them into concrete plans. Never one to skip on details, our quality craftsmanship is second to none. Browse our project gallery and request our digital catalog—it’ll give you lots to think about as you plan for your own dream barn or barn-style home.

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