Introduction to Montana Barndominiums

Nestled in the northern Rockies, Montana offers a sprawling backdrop for people dreaming of a barndominium lifestyle. Known for its vast, open spaces, rugged terrain, and rich tapestry of history and culture, Montana is more than just a scenic state — it provides a unique lifestyle for its residents. From the sweeping prairies in the east to the majestic, snow-capped peaks in the west, this state offers an ideal canvas for building a custom barndominium living space.

With its affordability and spacious rural landscapes, Montana is a prime choice for building barndominiums, or barndos for short. Whether you desire a rustic retreat or a modern farmhouse, its lush environments cater to various architectural tastes and needs. At DC Structures, we understand the allure of living in a state with abundant natural beauty and are passionate about creating a barndominium that harmonizes with your beautiful property.  

Are Barndominiums Well-Suited to Montana's Climate?

The climate of Montana presents a unique challenge for residential construction, with its harsh winters and dry summers requiring sturdy, well-insulated houses. The temperature can swing dramatically, from freezing winters to warm summers, making thermal efficiency a priority. We design our barndominiums with premium materials that maintain interior comfort and exterior durability throughout the year, ensuring optimal conditions and protection regardless of your location.

Our use of kiln-dried lumber, sourced from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, ensures that each barndominium stands strong against snowy winters. This wood offers superior resistance to warping and shrinking — qualities essential for maintaining the integrity of a home in this region. Additionally, our barndo designs include high-quality insulation options to keep your house warm during the freezing months and cool during the short, hot summers.

In areas prone to wildfires, such as the grasslands and forested regions of Montana, we offer fire-resistant materials that meet building codes and provide added protection for your structure. Fire-resistant siding options, like fiber cement siding by James Hardie, are available to enhance the safety and longevity of your home. By combining robust building materials with environmental standards, DC Structures ensures that your barndominium is a safe, enduring, and energy-efficient home for generations.

Available Barndominium Plans

How We Construct Our Barndominiums

At DC Structures, we understand the unique demands of varied properties and climate, and we design barndominiums to match. Our high-performance, wood-framed structures leverage the durability of premium wood posts and trusses to ensure a stable and enduring home. Our barndominiums feature wide-open interiors with vaulted wood trusses, allowing for customizable floor plans that maximize flexibility for your vision. The Meridian Barndominium Kit, with its clear-span shell, offers a resilient structure that promises a spacious interior without obstructing supports, giving you plenty of room to create a cost-effective family home that’s entirely yours.

For those drawn to the heavy timber style, we provide multi-use barn designs that our designers can modify to your preferences. The structural backbone of these buildings comprises high-grade heavy timbers connected by durable metal fasteners, providing the strength needed to withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition to post and beam options, we can guide you through selecting timber framing, hybrid wood construction, or conventional framing for your barndominium design. Our commitment is to assist you every step of the way, from initial design to the finished structure, ensuring your Montana barndominium is not just a residence but a sanctuary for years to come.

Get started on your barndominium project:

What Comes with a Barndominium Kit?

Every barndominium kit from DC Structures comes with the essential components needed to quickly and efficiently construct your barndominium in Montana. Our kits include engineered design plans, prefabricated framing lumber, windows and doors, siding, and hardware, providing a rock-solid shell for your barndominium home. With the help of our skilled design team, you can tailor your house plans to align with your vision, incorporating features that enhance your Montana lifestyle. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D design technology, we will walk you through a virtual model of your proposed home and lot, refining details like wraparound porches or adding a custom loft to capture the essence of mountain living.


Why Choose DC Structures?

Based in Portland, Oregon, our company is a premier designer and manufacturer of pre-engineered wood structures. Over the years, our mission has been to supply the market with high-caliber, prefabricated building packages that ensure quality from start to finish. As we’ve grown, we’ve become one of the top providers in North America, with an array of structures seen everywhere from Montana to Tennessee. Defined by our commitment to quality, innovation, and attention to detail, we dedicate ourselves to delivering an unparalleled client experience, ensuring that your Montana barndominium provides the value, price, and variety you seek for your living space.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Barndominium Kit

Embarking on the barndominium journey in Montana is an adventure that brings a range of considerations to the forefront of your planning process, including decisions about construction types, future maintenance, and overall investment. When contemplating a barndominium kit, the emphasis on durability, quality, and customization should guide your search, ensuring you find a build that stands the test of time in the Treasure State.


Budgeting often dominates the initial stages, but weighing the construction methods and materials is just as vital. Our barndominium kits are crafted with superior wood materials, aligning with Montana’s aesthetic, environmental conditions, and durability requirements.


The steel structures, while sturdy, don’t always fare well under the Big Sky’s extreme temperatures without significant insulation. Additionally, these metal barndominiums may fall short in eco-friendliness and maintenance ease when compared to their wooden counterparts. Wood, a renewable and naturally insulating material, provides a sound investment that promises longevity and reduced upkeep costs. Unlike pole barns, where wooden posts are embedded directly in the ground, our wood-framed structures keep your posts on sturdy knife plates above ground, providing total protection and ensuring longevity for your investment.

Choosing DC Structures means investing in a trusted kit provider with a wealth of experience behind every design. Our commitment to utilizing locally sourced, premium wood materials ensures that your Montana barndominium will be as beautiful as it is durable, meeting stringent building codes and fitting your budget. For a dependable partner with an outstanding industry reputation, DC Structures stands ready to elevate your rural, suburban, or urban barndominium project in Montana.  


Benefits of Building a Barndominium with DC

Opting for a DC Structures barndominium in Montana offers a suite of benefits for new home buyers. We are not just any kit provider; we are the benchmark of excellence in pre-engineered barndominium kits, with our team offering unmatched quality, a vast array of customization options, and designs that perfectly align with the Montana lifestyle. Our experienced team brings in-depth knowledge and skills honed through years of dedicated design and construction work. As we guide you from the initial design through fabrication and on to material selection and delivery, you can trust us to deliver the best product, process, and experience for your barndominium build.

Need a Barndominium Builder?

If you’re looking for skilled contractors in Montana to bring your barndominium to life, consider DC Structures as your steadfast ally. With our expansive network of builders throughout the state, we have the connections to pair you with a trusted contractor familiar with Montana’s specific building requirements. Our commitment extends to arranging a personal consultation with a contractor to discuss your project in detail, with our team then providing on-call assistance, instructional videos, and 3D visual aids during construction. Wherever you might be in your journey to creating the perfect barndominium, DC Structures is ready to assist in identifying the ideal builder to manage your construction process in the Big Sky Country.

Cities We Serve in Montana

DC Structures delivers pre-engineered barndominium kits to any locale within the vast expanse of Montana. For those interested in building a barndominium in the Treasure State, here are the primary cities where we often see our clients establish their dream homes:

  • Billings
  • Missoula
  • Great Falls
  • Bozeman
  • Helena
  • Kalispell
  • Butte
  • Anaconda
  • Havre
  • Whitefish

Customer Testimonials in Montana

At DC Structures, we take pride in sharing the stories of those who have built their barn homes and barndominiums with us. For those considering our services for their barndominium projects in Montana, we offer several convincing testimonials from clients who’ve been in your shoes. Listen to what our clients have said about their experiences with DC by watching our testimonial videos below!


Three Fun Facts About Montana

Discover the hidden gems and fascinating truths about the Treasure State with these fun facts about Montana:


Denver, Colorado’s capital, is exactly one mile above sea level, earning it the nickname the “Mile High City.” This unique elevation is marked by a step on the State Capitol Building, exactly 5,280 feet above sea level.


Butte, Montana, is home to the legendary Berkeley Pit — a former open-pit copper mine in the United States. This site earned Butte the title of The Richest Hill on Earth due to the immense wealth generated from its abundant mineral extractions.


Montana proudly hosts the entrance to Glacier National Park, often called the Crown of the Continent. This natural wonder spans over 10 million acres, featuring pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and spectacular lakes.

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