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Video: Cornelius Apartment Barn Testimonial

apartment barn

For the team at DC Structures, building relationships is just as important as helping customers build their dream barn or barn-style home. We take pride in the quality of our product and service offerings, making client connections a priority both during and after completion of their projects.

One of the many benefits of maintaining an open and honest line of communication with our customers is that they are happy to share their thoughts about what it’s like to work with DC Structures. We can sing our own praises for days, but we know the most valuable insights will always come from clients themselves.

Sustainable Living at its Finest: Apartment Barn Testimonial

The apartment barn is an efficient structure that makes good use of space with its hybrid design. Combining home with hobby, our apartment barn kits offer the benefit of bringing you closer to the things you love the most. Not to mention a reduced carbon footprint!

This sustainable apartment barn in Cornelius, Oregon boasts two horse stalls and two dog kennels on the ground floor, and a cozy living space upstairs. Modified from an Oakridge 36’ apartment barn kit, this functional and attractive structure boasts an array of energy-efficient upgrades. Skylights optimize natural lighting for the upstairs living quarters while a solar panel and electric car charging station reduce energy consumption.

Hear what the owners of this sustainable apartment barn have to say about working with DC Structures in the apartment barn testimonial below!

Thinking about an apartment barn for your own property? Request our digital catalog and get started on your dreams today!

Video: West Linn Covered Riding Arena Testimonial

covered riding arena

DC Structures helps clients realize their dreams all over the U.S.—but don’t just take our word for it. Our clients’ testimonials paint a clear picture of the DC team’s enthusiastic and dedicated work ethic.

“Straight from the horse’s mouth” is an idiom that refers to information that comes from the highest authority—and it feels particularly appropriate here. DC Structures is an authority on barns and barn-style homes, but we know our clients are the highest authority when it comes to the quality of our products and services.

This client testimonial comes from Brian Sonnenberg of West Linn, Oregon. DC worked with the Sonnenbergs to design a horse barn with upstairs game loft for their Last Chance Ranch in 2010.

Not long after the barn was completed, the Sonnenbergs wanted to up the ante by commissioning DC to design an all-seasons riding arena. Starting with our standard Prairie 80’ riding arena kit, we worked with the Sonnenbergs to modify their kit into their own custom covered arena. The result is a stunning all-weather riding area that complements the aesthetic of the adjacent barn.

Hear what the Sonnenbergs have to say about this covered riding arena in the video below.

Thinking about building your own equestrian dream structure? Request our digital catalog to start laying the foundation today.

How DC Differs From Other Barn Kit Companies


When you decide to add a new structure to your property, you’ve got to ask yourself one very important question. What kind of investment are you trying to make?

There are plenty of barn kit companies out there that can sell you an engineered materials package. The thing is, not all of them can deliver a product that will remain standing for generations to come.

The DC Structures team takes pride in the ways it separates itself from the competition. We always make good on our promise of value from first contact to completed build.

Our clients are our partners, and we treat them as such until the job is done. There’s no cold transaction or post-sale desertion on our end. We work with our customers side-by-side to ensure their packages are in line with their goals and visions.

The Proof is in the Posts and Beams

DC sets itself apart with its superior construction methods and top-quality materials. We offer our clients hundreds of options and upgrades to choose from, and contractor support throughout their build.

Adding to the longevity of our kits are the high-grade heavy timbers we source from our mill-direct connections in the Pacific Northwest. We include only the finest materials in our kits, which makes for a difference you can see and feel.

Compromising on quality materials and service by choosing a pole barn may seem like a small sacrifice for an affordable end. However, costs over time will be higher due to the short lifespan of treated wooden posts in concrete.

Some things are too important to be cold and calculated commodities, and we believe a building is one of them. That’s why, unlike other barn kit companies, we’ll be in contact throughout the process to ensure your build goes off without a hitch.

The DC difference is apparent at every step of the process, from the quality of materials we source to the one-on-one attention you’ll receive from our knowledgeable team of project specialists. Interested in partnering with us for your own barn or barn-style home project? Request our catalog to get a feel for the possibilities.