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Finding a Barn Kit Contractor

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Barn raising was the go-to construction method during the 16th and 18th century in the United States. Community members from all around would converge on a farmer’s property to aid in post assembly. Specialists in joinery were outsourced and paid while community members worked unconditionally. This typically wasn’t an issue considering these were resource driven economies. Back then, a good relationship with a farmer was all one needed.

Although we don’t work for free, we do believe in establishing and nurturing good relationships. Some barn kit companies will simply pre-fabricate your dream and drop it off without any consideration for what is required afterwards. You obviously can’t rely on your neighbor anymore. That’s why we take the time to extend into our networks, and find you the perfect contractor in your area.

Building a lego style tool shed or a desk from Ikea is one thing. Constructing a 18,359 sq. ft. riding arena is another. Many companies will boast about on-site handcrafted joinery, cooper mortises and custom cedar railings, and then ship it out on trucks where they unload these materials and expect you to do the rest. Not us. A project is never complete unless we know every detail is taken care of from start to finish.

It isn’t simply a matter of rudeness, it’s also about safety. Finding your own contractor is a process in itself. Lacking proper networks can result in a never ending hunt for quotes. Even after your final selection, there’s still no assurance you picked the right people without knowing their official track record. Many contractors hire employees with limited to no experience in construction. Post and beam or heavy timber frames require a specialized touch you simply can’t find in many places. Worrying about structural integrity shouldn’t be an issue one wastes energy on whatsoever with our structures.

Luckily we have been in this business for a long time. Our history in construction is riddled with positive testimonials stretching back a decade. Looking at reputation is the best way you can avoid flippant subcontractors and inexperienced builders. Our time spent in this industry has also cultivated a strong relationship with many, top notch independent contractors.

If we can’t find an independent body, our parent company DC Builders will always be there to help. They operate much like an in-house resource. Having such a resource so close eliminates any deviations from consistency during the building process. It shows just how committed we are to making you know that you’re part of a broader community. Because even after your project is built, you can expect our follow-up team will be giving you a call.

Questions You Should Ask A Contractor

Are they doing it themselves or hiring a subcontractor?

A subcontractor isn’t an actual employee of the contractor you hire. Often times they can be people with little to no experience. Contractors enlist out of convenience making the trust between contractor and subcontractor very thin. Anyone we work with very rarely deploys subcontractors onto your property.

Are they bonded?

This is different than a license. Being bonded means the contractor has ownership of anything that might go wrong with your property if the structure is compromised in any way. Think of it as  another insurance policy on your building.

Do they have proper licensing?

You can see if your contractor is properly licensed here.