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The Oakridge Barn Kit: A Popular & Flexible Design

apartment barn kit

The Oakridge is our most popular apartment barn kit. Named after a sleepy country town located between Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley, this kit’s function is as dynamic as it is humble. The Oakridge building kit has gone through many different renditions, with the same durable post-and-beam frame, that are wonderful composites of our clients’ imaginations. What makes this kit popular beyond its five available sizes is the synergy between the main level’s utility and the loft’s open-concept livability.

Below are three excellent examples of the Oakridge that span a variety of uses and themes.

This Oakridge 60’ garage with living quarters in Bend, Oregon has a 48’ x 60’ frame nestled among the arid desert sage of Central Oregon. Above the multi-use, drive-through RV garage, is a lavish two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a huge open-concept kitchen, living, and dining area. Outside, 600 sq. ft. of partially-covered deck flows into and around the master suite and main living area. The deck and the garage doors are the two most distinguished alternative features on this rendition of the Oakridge 60.’

The 60-foot version of the Oakridge isn’t the only size option for this kit. This quiet piece of property in Cornelius, Oregon has a barn with living quarters based on the Oakridge 36’. Unlike the Bend configuration, this Oakridge’s main level boasts two horse stalls, two stalls for the dogs, and a tack room. Two shed dormers were kept intact for additional space. On the second floor sits 1,080 sq. ft. of living space, replete with guest room, full bathroom, office, living room, and kitchen. Nantucket dormers supported by handcrafted timber trusses hang over the residence as a testament to our craftsmanship.

The smallest, more scalable option, is our Oakridge 24’. These clients in Damascus, Oregon did an amazing job showing us what you can do with 1,214 sq. ft. of floor plan. We worked closely with them to create this perfect getaway, a party barn fit for both work and play. The breezeway on the main level sits between two sliding barn doors, making this an ideal spot for summer parties and events.

These variations are just a sample of how flexible we can be. More importantly, it further demonstrates why we give our clients so much autonomy when it comes to drafting their designs. The designers will be yours from the beginning, because a kit shouldn’t limit you; options and upgrades are not an issue. Have your pick of siding, dormers, stairs, stalls, whatever you desire.

Ready to get serious about your own building project? Request a free quote today.

Under Construction: Garage Apartment in Sandy, Oregon

garage apartment

At any given time, the DC Structures team is hard at work designing pre-engineered materials packages for clients across the U.S. This stunning garage with living quarters is currently under construction in beautiful Sandy, Oregon. Adapted from our flexible Oakridge 48’ kit design, this luxurious garage apartment is expected to finish construction within the next few months.

Designed with a number of practical features that add convenience to the homeowners’ lifestyle, this large, multi-use residence includes a first-floor workshop and drive-through RV garage. Upstairs sits an elegant three-bedroom home, replete with custom river a rock fireplace and a large partially-covered deck for year-round enjoyment. A rooftop cedar cupola increases natural light while heavy timber trusses and select-grade Douglas fir posts add a touch of rustic charm.

Created in the durable style of post-and-beam construction, this garage with living quarters was built to last. Our post-and-beam building kits are assembled with top-quality lumber from the Pacific Northwest. This use of untreated heavy timbers has many benefits, including structural integrity, sweeping open-concept interiors, and an elegant aesthetic. Further, it allows for highly customizable floor plans due to the fact that post-and-beam buildings do not require load-bearing walls.

The Oakridge barn design is DC Structures’ most popular-selling kit, likely due to its highly versatile layout. Wonderfully suited to serve as a multi-purpose building, we’ve seen this flexible floor plan adapted for a number of practical uses. From barns with apartments to workshops with loft offices to RV garages with upstairs living quarters, the Oakridge is more often than not the right kit for the job.

If you’re thinking about a garage with living quarters for your own property, request a free quote today. Our experience spans the contiguous U.S., and our portfolio of projects is a testament to the quality craftsmanship of our work. Whatever it is you hope to accomplish with your garage apartment design, DC Structures can make it happen.

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