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What Makes For Good Horse Stable Design?

horse stable design

Mustangs brought over from Spain embody the West’s untamable nature. Hundreds of these equine animals once roamed the rolling hills and prairies through snow and rain. Their wild disposition has since traveled through their genealogy, into stables across the country.

A horse would never step into a stable if they had their way. They naturally detest them, just as any large grazing animal would. That’s why we take special consideration for how they operate in these spaces, by enhancing the ecological elements that make horse care easier. At DC, horse stable design is an art form. 

The minimum size for a loose box stable is 10’x10’ to 12’x12’, according to the Canadian Agri-Food Research Council. Although this might be suitable for a riding horse, it falls short when it comes to draft breeds or if you’re expecting a foal. Adding extra room to our horse barn kits is no problem with our Flex Design option.

Horses are extremely inquisitive creatures. A clever steed can easily find its way around a poorly placed latch and show themselves out. It’s been widely documented that they have even jailbroken their compatriots for late night romps around the barn. Did we mention they hate stables?

Kidding aside, this can be a dangerous situation for your animals. Our catalog offers multiple stall front variations so you can choose the one you think best fits your horse’s intelligence. After all, they may have been brought here from Europe, but it’s the American West that raised their rebellious spirit.

Animal safety is a top priority. That’s why our horse arena building packages are curated by Classic Equine, the leading brand in horsing around. Any accessories such as stall mats and water buckets are all vetted for maintaining the well-being of your four-legged friends.

Best of Mane Street: Horse Stall Showcase

horse stall

DC Structures specializes in top-of-the-line horse barn kits, with horse stall designs that are fit for a stallion. Whatever your equestrian needs, we’ll work with you to modify your plans and produce the best possible horse stall setup for your unique situation.

Take a look at our horse stall showcase to see how we’ve turned our clients’ dreams into happy homes for their horses. Get started on your own dream barn by requesting our digital catalog today.

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