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Room With A View: Planning For A Window Wall

window wall

Nothing brightens a room like natural light shining through a big window, but what if you could amplify that effect? The addition of a window wall means you can make the most of your outside view, whether that’s a stunning outdoor landscape or a bustling urban scene. Further, window walls add a breath of fresh luxury to any interior space, be it a residential home or a commercial property.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a window wall is a large expanse of glass that replaces one of a building’s exterior barriers. Window walls make for stunning views, increased natural lighting and an easy way to add to the elegance of your space. Highly customizable, these building features can span anywhere from a section of the wall to the entire exterior side. Additional personalization can be achieved by way of the client’s desired shapes and finishes.

DC Structures designs and assembles pre-engineered materials packages in the reliable style of post-and-beam construction. This building method, which is often referred to as timber framing, makes for sweeping open-concept interiors and increased structural longevity. Further, this construction style lends itself to highly customizable layouts due to a decreased need for load-bearing walls as additional structural support. From a design perspective, this makes it very easy to plan for a window wall. Of course, there are still some very important considerations to evaluate during the planning phase of your window wall project.

The most important thing to consider before adding a window wall to your building plans is the exterior barrier that you would like to replace. Positioning plays an important role when it comes to security, privacy, practicality and energy efficiency. It’s imperative that you get it right the first time, as a poorly placed window wall can easily go from classic elegance to sheer annoyance—particularly if it is subject to intense sunlight from sunup to sundown. Ask yourself if a window wall in your desired location will result in unwanted glare or natural light overload.

Smart placement for your window wall should also entail a consideration of privacy that many know and appreciate as an inherent comfort of home. For example, a window wall in the front of your home could pose both a decrease in privacy and an increase in security risk. With valuables on display in clear view, burglars could find it easier to case your home for theft. What’s even more alarming is that it could provide an unwanted assessment of your habits and vulnerabilities—which is especially concerning if you live alone. Intelligent window wall placement will keep your living space from turning into an unintentional zoo.

Last but not least, it is of high importance that the materials used in your window wall be designed with energy efficiency in mind. Windows are harder to insulate than standard exterior barriers, so the thermal performance of the windows will make a big difference in terms of energy costs and home comfort. DC Structures is proud to partner with quality window suppliers to ensure our customers’ window walls will maximize natural lighting while deflecting unwanted heat or chill. If you’re ready to get started on your one-of-a-kind home with an elegant window wall feature, request a free quote today!