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Finishing Touches: Barn Home Accessories

barn home accessories

The process of designing and building a new structure is a lot of work, but it’s not all doom and gloom! Personalizing your structure with barn home accessories is where the fun comes into play, as no house or horse barn would be complete without them.

Barn home accessories can be both functional and aesthetic, allowing you to individualize your project both internally and externally. From barn toppers and ventilation to the lighting fixtures that illuminate your structure, we make it easy to make your kit your own.


Cupolas are an iconic addition to any barn or barn-style structure, and are often an identifying feature for classic barn designs. Serving as an extra skylight, cupolas provide more opportunities for natural light to pour into the space. If positioned appropriately, a small spiral staircase can lead up to the cupola, which will then double as a lookout.

Weather Vanes

An alternative or accompanying barn topper to cupolas, weather vanes are also a symbolic barn identifier. Weather vanes are purely decorative, and can be customized to suit your building’s desired aesthetic. Whether you choose the traditional rooster or a quirkier icon such as a pineapple or a mermaid, your weather vane will inevitably add character to your barn or home.


A big trend in building is to optimize natural lighting. Not only is this a more cost effective way to think about lighting a space, it’s simply more attractive. Skylights and large windows strategically placed throughout your barn or barn-style home will keep your structure safely well lit. Once the sun goes down, though, we’ve got plenty of options to point you toward for durable and attractive lighting fixtures.


A well ventilated barn is key to your horse’s health. If you choose to use the top of your barn for storage, we’d recommend opting for Barnstormer fans to keep the air circulating.

Horse Proofing Your Barn

Animal safety should be the number-one consideration for any barn. Our horse barn accessories are non-slippery, safe and easy to clean, and will go a long way toward keeping your horses happy and healthy.

Thinking about barn home accessories for the structure you have yet to build? Request our digital catalog to get started on your dream building today!