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Planning for your Wedding and Event Barn

wedding barn

Spring is in the air, and business owners and entrepreneurs alike are wondering how to take their wedding and event businesses to the next level. For all the opportunities they provide, barns that can be used as private event spaces have become a top trend in the industry. From rustic weddings to company parties, DC Structures knows what it takes to get your event space up and running.

Wedding and event barns are a versatile and profitable investment, but like most smart business ventures, they require planning, foresight and upfront costs in order to be successful. While some people might be tempted to wing it on their own, the use of an experienced general contractor guarantees that your project will be executed in a professional and compliant manner. Below are some of the main considerations that go into establishing a private event space.

One crucial step in the planning process involves contacting county and state officials to request local guidelines for public venues in your area. Consulting with architects and business owners that are familiar with the permitting process can also be helpful. This will enable you to ascertain whether your property is properly zoned for year-round events, or if local specifications call for expensive safety equipment such as an emergency sprinkler system.

Going through the motions to understand and comply with local regulations and permit requirements can be annoying and time consuming, but it’s better to get ahead of any potential hurdles down the road. It’s always going to be more expensive to deal with problems in retrospect than to meet them head on with proper planning.

If a wedding and event barn is part of your business plan, you should open a line of communication with your bank or other financial institutions to see what options are available. Many aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs are often surprised to find that they qualify for small business loans and other incentives. Chances are, your bank will also recognize your plans for a private event space as a smart investment with high potential.

Between permits and financing to design and construction, building a wedding and event barn is no small task. That said, relying on a general contractor you can trust will go a long way toward easing the burden of getting your private event space off the ground. After all is said and done, you can rest easy knowing your business plays a role in memorable occasions for your customers.

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Dressing Up Your Wedding Barn

wedding barn

There’s a common misconception that buying a pre-engineered kit means your structure will be a cookie cutter project, but that doesn’t have to be the case! With some help from the DC crew and a little imagination, you can totally personalize any kit to be the exact venue you are looking for. With so many options and upgrades to choose from, building your dreams is easy.

Personal touches that make a building your own is without a doubt one of the funnest parts part of planning a new addition to your property. From the doors and windows to the actual door handles themselves, there are countless ways to personalize your structure. Here are just a few examples of what you might consider:

  • Beautiful siding options, including Western red cedar, Douglas fir and DC Barnwood, to give your building’s exterior the rustic aesthetic you seek
  • Elegant timber-framed stairs to make an impressive entrance
  • Handcrafted trusses that give your wedding barn a classic prairie cabin feel
  • Both classic and modern options for doors and windows, including Classic Equine barn-styles and French patio doors
  • Decks and dormers for additional event space and breathtaking views

We personalize our buildings to reflect who you are and what you do. Our options and upgrade packages cater your design to accommodate the clients you are looking to attract, while also providing flexibility for different events and services. Every business owner and property is unique, and we want to make sure the building they receive speaks to that individuality.

As a wedding and events space host, your top priority is to provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s your job to make sure they see everything they need in your venue, from the big-picture vision to day-of details that make all the difference. That’s why it’s so important to curate a wedding and event barn that stands out far and above with custom features that are sure to delight.

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5 Tips to Promote Your Wedding and Event Barn

wedding barn

The practice of matrimony has been around in some form or another for thousands of years, so it’s safe to assume your wedding and event business has some longevity to look forward to. Below are five tips to help your wedding barn business find a happily ever after of its own.

Buy Real Estate Online

Whether people are searching for wedding and event venues or a new place to grab happy hour nearby, they will undoubtedly turn to an internet search. Make sure your business is well represented on the internet with an attractive and informative website. Splurge on a custom build or DIY with web-design services from sites like Squarespace—with so many accessible options, there’s no excuse!

Invest in Spectacular Photography

Wedding day pictures are worth thousands of words—and thousands of dollars, as well! More than anything, prospective clients are looking to understand how your event space can transform into the perfect wedding venue. Make it a priority to spring for high-quality photos that will spark excitement and imagination in brides and grooms to be.

Generate Buzz on Social Media

Whether you’re personally on social media networks or not, your business needs to be. Maintaining a social posting schedule can seem like a daunting chore, but there are plenty of low-maintenance ways to stay present in followers’ feeds. Allow your guests to be a part of the online conversation with reposts and hashtags, and use that killer photography you paid for to push promotions and tell stories. Who knows, you might even find social media to be fun!

Offer a Variety of Prepackaged Options

Some clients will want to plan their entire wedding by themselves, and some will be looking for a little or a lot of help. Either way, customers will appreciate that you are thinking about how to connect them to relevant resources. Build relationships with other vendors and find ways to collaborate on packaged service offerings.

Check in With Your Guests

This probably goes without saying, but always make sure your clients are happy with what they are paying for. A little communication can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to show your guests you care about their special day by making sure they are content throughout the process. When people are happy with the service they receive, they are more likely to leave positive reviews, tell their friends about your services and bring their business back for the next event. Word of mouth is one of the most trusted and effective marketing tools, so make sure people are saying great things!

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Summer Wedding Trends: Wedding Barn Bells Are Ringing

wedding barn

Church weddings aren’t for everyone, but a wedding barn ceremony could be! Imagine a rustic barn on a hill, with fabric, flowers and lights draped over exposed wood beams made from the Pacific Northwest’s finest timbers. You can smell fresh cedar in the air, and hear the buzzing sounds of nature just outside. For many people, this is church; and for some, it’s even better.

Wedding barn ceremonies like this have been trending upwards in recent years, but the atmosphere they provide is timeless. Whether you’re looking for a barn in which to say “I do,” or for the crown jewel of your up and coming wedding and event business, DC Structures has flexible wedding barn designs that can work for you.

Wedding Barn ‘I dos’: Make Vows in Style

Summer weddings have always been popular, which means finding a venue during those warmer months can be difficult to do. That’s without the stress of securing an event space that fits the wedding party’s desired aesthetic. Few spaces can offer the ability to customize a ceremony in the way that a wedding barn does.

Far more permanent than a simple pop-up tent, wedding barns are dependable spaces that can be utilized for a number of special occasions. Wedding barns impart an elegant balance of tradition, fun and creativity to anyone’s special day, all in a memorable setting that is sure to dazzle. Barn wedding ceremonies can be as casual or classy as the bride and groom choose, with modern amenities that make logistical planning a piece of wedding cake.  

A tasteful space with bucolic flair, barn-style wedding and event spaces offer a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs and landowners alike. Designed in our signature post-and-beam style, a wedding barn from DC Structures is a long-term investment that will give the gift of wedding day memories for a hundred years or more.

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