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Washington Apartment Barn Kits

The apartment barn is an efficient and sustainable structure, making good use of one building for two distinct purposes. Whether you utilize the apartment barn for its namesake function or reimagine the space into a workshop or garage, opting for this kit design will save you time, money and space.

DC Structures is a Pacific Northwest company that specializes in Washington apartment barn kits. With ample experience designing hybrid barn kits for clients in Washington, we are well acquainted with regional-specific building regulations. Further, we’ve helped our clients modify their barn kit designs for a number of unique purposes and intended uses, meaning we are full of great ideas for how you can transform your own functional space.

The state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region as a whole places great emphasis on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. This ethos informs every last aspect of our approach to designing top-of-the-line apartment barn kits for Washington clients.

Take a look at our portfolio of completed projects to find inspiration for your own apartment barn possibilities!

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DC Structures Post and Beam Apartment Barn Kit


  • “I'm not that easy to please, but I can tell you DC structures not only met but exceeded my expectations.”
    — Bob Coen—Damascus, OR
  • “Our animals are around us constantly; we are able to have our dogs, horses and cats in one location so we don’t have to be commuting to take care of them.”
    — Jeff Meyer—Fairplay, CO
  • “We've lived on this property for 22 years and it’s a wonderful piece of property with spectacular views. The barn looks like it should have always been here.”
    — Brian Sonnenberg—West Linn, OR