The Lady Cave: Turn a Cabin Kit into the Backyard She-Shed You Deserve

lady cave

We’ve all heard of the man cave—that bastion of masculinity in all of its dart-board, mini-kegerator and classic neon-beer-sign glory—but what about the lady cave? The lesser-known lady cave is woman’s response to the man cave, and is born of the obvious yet under-celebrated idea that women need their own space just as much as men.

Otherwise referred to as a she-shed, the lady cave can serve a range of purposes depending on each individual’s vision and objectives. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, well-stocked craftspace, a social meetup area or a private yoga and meditation room, DC Structures will work with you to determine which of our kits is best suited to meet your she-shed needs.

In the same way that man caves don’t always look like frat houses, lady caves are in no way relegated to the strictly “Frou Frou” file. If lace, frills and an ungodly amount of soft yet functional throw pillows all fit perfectly into your lady-cave vision, then DC Structures is happy to help you bring that to life. That said, what your lady cave looks like is entirely up to you—and we invite you to get creative!

While DC Structures offers a number of pre-engineered designs that can be easily adapted to the lady cave of your dreams, one in particular feels naturally up to the task. The McKenzie cabin kit is a simple, compact and elegant design that consists of 651 sq. ft. for you to make your own.

The McKenzie cabin layout includes high vaulted ceilings, which helps this low-impact building foster an airy and relaxing environment that is perfect for unwinding. With a range of options and upgrades to choose from, it’s easy to turn this basic cabin design into a functional she-shed that complements your lifestyle both personally and/or professionally.

Ready to dedicate some space on your property to the pursuit of peace and quality you-time? Request our digital catalog to get started on your lady cave today.

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